Discount Referral Program

Dear Valued Customer,

The best source we have to attract new customers is you. We depend on satisfied customers
to spread the word to their neighbors, friends and co-workers. When they do, we want to reward and thank them. Our discount program is easy and will save you and your friend’s valuable dollars on your pest control needs.

Simply print out this Referral, fill out the name, address and phone number of person(s) who may
need our service. Then either email it to or mail it to 8760 Summerville Place, Orlando, FL 32819.  You can also just have them contact us and mention your name and we will discount their service $30.00 and your next one. Or we will simply send you a check. If you refer us to a termite customer that turns into a client we will give you $100.00.
It’s that simple.

Thanks for your business!