Q: What is the difference between termites and ants?
Ants eat protein and carbohydrates and termites eat wood. Ants have
three parts to their body and termites have two. Ants wings vary in size
and shape and termites have wings equal in length.

Q: Are the pesticides safe for my children and pets?
Yes. All the products that we use are labeled for animals. We can apply it
to your pets. Most all pest control products only inhibit features that insects
have that people don’t.

Q: Is there any odor?
No. All the products that we use are virtually odorless, meaning they have a
slight odor but it is very hard to detect. Today’s pesticides are not made with
the same emulsifiers as they use to.

Q: Do I have to evacuate the house after you spray?
No. Only for a flea and tick treatment.

Q: How long have you been in business?
Since 1991

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, All major credit cards.

Q: Has your company ever had disciplinary procedures or fines
taken against you?

No, we have a perfect record with the State of Florida Department
of Agriculture.

Q: What are the tell tale signs of having termites?
Termites swarm once a year in the spring and summer and build
mud tubes up the side of the building to gain entry to the wood.
Drywood termites secrete pellets out of the wood that appears to
be sawdust. Swarming in the summer months and wings can be
found around window ceils.

Q: Do you have termite replacement bonds.
Yes that is all we sell is damage guarantees.

Q: Are all your technicians trained and screened.
All of our technicians have extensive training in all fields of
pest control. They also take continuing education so they can
better serve you. A complete Criminal Background check is done
on every potential employee. That has helped our company
maintain a perfect record of no thefts happening in our history.